Aug. 17, 2 pm, Layne’s Buzz Off Birthday Party Aug. 18, 10 am – 12 pm, Advanced Practices of the Bee Priestesses




Meditation and Layne’s Bhramari Birthday Buzz Off!!!

We will have instruction in Tonglen, Sitting Meditation and Bhramari and conclude with a blessing: Holding Up the Water Bowl of Prayers for the World, conducted by Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, priestess of Oxun.

Please email Farrunnissa ( to confirm your elegant presence at Om Sanctuary in real time and space. There will be a sign-in sheet Sat. and Sun. events; everyone who has emailed an RSVP has a space reserved.  Those who haven’t RSVPed don’t have space reserved, and may be turned away if the occupancy limit is reached due to excessive numbers of drop-ins.


Meditation cushion to sit on!!!

Coconut or chocolate dessert to share!

Layne is making her favorite juice punch for everyone but folks are welcome to bring anything else they would like to drink. 

Flowers for the Oxun offering and birthday cards for Layne are fine but please no material gifts.  Layne is releasing her belongings at this time!


Om Sanctuary
, 87 Richmond Hill Dr., Asheville, NC 28806
OM directions
We’re asking local people to carpool as much as possible, as there is limited parking


              Omi Olu KemRa and Omo during Venus Transit


Bhramari means bee in Sanskrit. The Maha Devi, the great goddess, Kundalini Shakti, manifests as a queen bee surrounded by a swarm of bees and is called Bhramari Devi. When Shakti awakens in a buzz of energy at the base of our spine we experience ascending consciousness to the crown chakra.  Bhramari pranayama is a traditional yogic practice derived from the buzzing of bees which vibrates and realigns the entire nervous system, brain and body by buzzing the vocal chords.

The adjective bhramarin can also mean “sweet as honey” in Sanskrit or “that which produces ecstasy”. Bhramari has an immediate relaxing effect on the brain. If it is practiced some minutes every day it can reduce mental tension and lower high blood pressure.  The bee breath soothes the nerves and calms the mind.

"With regular practice of this pranayama (Bhramari) bliss arises in the yogi’s heart". (Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

   Free Download of Bhramari Instruction from Layne’s Heart Chakra CD.



                            WHAT TO DO INSTEAD OF PRESENTS:



We are getting Layne’s book, When The Drummers Were Women, prepared to be published again. The original publisher, cut many of the images Layne wanted out of the book.  We hope to add as many of these images as possible to our revised edition.  We have a wonderful designer laying out the book and you can sponsor a page for $15!  We think we will have around 300 pages to do. 


SUNDAY, 10 am – 12 noon

Layne will teach other forms of Bhramari, the mantra for the Bee Goddess and some other related meditations.

There will be no charge for the teachings but donations for preparing When The Drummers Were Women for print will be gratefully accepted.

Use the pay for a page button or send a check to Goldenseed Productions, 31 Joyner Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

***Space is limited, email to let us know you are coming, Shelli Stanback <>, and Farrunnissa Rosa <>***


Hrim, the mantra of the bee goddess.


When the broadcast starts we’ll be posting the link to the Facebook Event Page: 

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The broadcast will be permanently available at for those who can’t make the live broadcast.

Online Video Course: The Sacred Path of the Bee

Ancient traditions of the bee priestesses awakening in our lives today!
Online Video Intensive (6 Sessions) 
with Layne Redmond and Debra Roberts

First Session:  April 11, Open to the Public at no charge. 


Layne Redmond and Debra Roberts are co-teaching a special video online course called The Sacred Path of the Bee: The Ancient Traditions of the Bee Priestesses Awakening in Our Lives Today. The Introductory episode is free and will be on April 11 at 8pm (the other five sessions will begin in July).  

 Time with Layne will include learning about the amazing history of the ancient bee priestesses who were frame drummers. She will also be teaching the yogic breathing and mantra practices from the Indian bee goddess, Bhramari Devi.  Debra’s part focuses on the contemporary sacred path and practices with the bees.  Together, we are calling back and enlivening the ancient in our lives, now.  It’s time … Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested. For more information about us, please visit: (Layne) and (Debra). Blessed be, blessed bees.  

                  Layne Redmond and students drumming and meditating at 
                                       Debra Robert’s Bee Sanctuary.

HOW TO ATTEND on April 11 at 8pm EST: 


When the broadcast starts we’ll be posting the link on the Facebook Event Page and to both Layne’s Google+ profile page AND the stream. The broadcast will be permanently available beginning April 12 at for those who can’t make the live broadcast.


If you have Google +, connect to (not any of her other emails!). When we start the hangout you will receive an invitation to watch. 

Step 1 - Click link to Layne’s Google+ profile page.

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Step 4 - Click play, and you should have the ability to comment.

Egyptian priestesses dressed as regional goddesses, Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Ptolemaic period.
Lipari, 4th c. BCE
Music by Layne Redmond and Debra Robert’s Bees!

On the Ancient Rhythmic Path With Layne Redmond

Beginner to Intermediate Level Frame Drum Workshop
Bee Priestess Intensive Level II
November 16, 17, & 18, 2012, registration is $205

Please Join us!  We have a great group of thirty for the workshop,
still room for a few more!

Goddess Cybele, Found in Rome, circa 2nd century CE.  Metropolitan Museum.

The frame drum is the world’s oldest drum and was played by the ancient priestesses of the Bee Goddesses:  Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone and Neith.  They were known as the Melissaes in Greek and the Deborahs in Hebrew.

Friday night 6-9 PM

Friday evening we begin at the beginning, introducing Layne’s teachings and basic frame drumming techniques. Those comfortable with the basics will learn how to refine and deepen their drumming. Perfect for those who’ve been away from their drums for a while and wish to reconnect in a powerful way! Includes loaner drums for beginning drummers.

Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM,  Sunday 10 AM - 2 PM

Chanting, overtone singing, and humming sacred sounds to the rhythms of the frame drum is an ancient technique for directly synchronizing the mind/body, creating conditions for psychological, physical, and spiritual healing. The ancient frame drum was associated with the goddesses Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone, and Neith.

 During the workshop we will:

* Work on rhythms from North Africa and Brazil on the Middle Eastern Style tambourine.

* Learn yogic practices of the Bee Goddess from India - mantra for the bee goddess, several forms of Bhramari, pranayama practices derived from the buzzing of bees which vibrates and realigns the entire nervous system, brain, and body by buzzing the vocal chords. 

* Create sacred space through ritual with the frame drum and healingsounds. 

* Expand your mastery and take your drumming to new levels!


Friday, November 16:  6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – required for all new participants

Saturday, November 17:  9:00 - 5:00 pm

Sunday, November 18:  10:00 am to 2:00 pm

                916 columbus Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901

 WORKSHOP FEES:  registration is $205

**Fees include the use of a Lotus Tambourine for the workshop if needed

 CONTACT INFO:  Sharan Miller – It’s Time To Drum! – For registration forms and information

Email & phone:  <> or <> or 321-720-1505 

Websites:  for information on Layne Redmond and her work:

 for Sharan Miller and It’s time To Drum! 

Layne Redmond and the Mob of Angels, 1991


6/11 Rosendale, NY: Ancient Traditions of the Sacred Bee Keepers

Evidence from the ancient Mediterranean world.
Slide lecture, Instruction in the Bee Breath Pranayama and drumming by Layne Redmond and Tommy Be

Rosendale Community Center
Ulster County Beekeeper’s Association
Meetings run 7 - 9 pm
Coffee and mingling at 6:30
1055 Rt 32, Rosendale

Admission free, donations gratefully accepted! 

(Persephone with the Omphalos/Beehive on her head at the Eleusis Museum in Athens)

Layne will give her most current lecture on the history of the sacred practices and images of the bee priestesses of the ancient Mediterranean world:  

The Bindu, The Omphalos (beehive or stone at the center of reality), The Melissaes and the Frame drum:  the Mysteries of the Bee Priestess

The ancient wisdom is being awakened, enlivened and offered anew into our lives.  As these images resonate in  your mind perhaps you will sense how they are awakening in our contemporary bee sanctuaries.     

The frame drum is the world’s oldest drum and was played by the ancient priestesses of the Bee Goddesses:  Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone and Neith.  They were known as the Melissaes in Greek and the Deborahs in Hebrew.  Their rituals and rhythms were drawn from their interaction with their bee hives.

Jewelry depicting a bee goddess, Greek c. 700 BCE.

          Classical Hellenistic Period, Eritria, beehive used as Child’s tomb

               Beehives from Crete, used since antiquity to present day

                      Bhramari Devi, the ancient Bee Goddess of India

                                   MUSIC MADE WITH THE BEES!!

Layne Redmond’s musical career focused on the frame drum, the world’s oldest known drum.  Since 1981, she has researched the history of this drum in the religious and healing rites of the ancient Mediterranean world culminating in her book, When The Drummers Were Women.  

Many of these drummers were also sacred beekeepers, their titles were the Melissaes, which means bee in Greek and Latin and the Deborahs, which means bee or swarm of bees in Hebrew.  These ancient women, kept by their bees, inspired Layne to spend time studying the sacred traditions connected to beekeepers around the world. 

She discovered that the Sanskrit word, Anahata, means the unstruck, unhearable, celestial buzzing sound of creation.  Old texts from India say that the audible sound most similar to the Anahata is the sound of bees humming.  In the summer of 2008 she spent much time listening to bees buzzing and heard beautiful songs from deep within the hive.

She recorded the bees, tuned her frame drums to the pitch of their buzzing and called in the presence of brilliant musicians:  the voices of Amit Chatterjee, Mariella Santiago, and Marcela Belas; the violin of Vicki Richards; the percussion of Tommy Be, Everton Isidoro, Eduardo Moto and Ubaldo Oliveira; and the piano and keyboards of Tadeu Mascarenhas.  Through these sacred technicians of sound the Hymns the bees sang in her mind have come into the human realm.

                                            LISTEN TO TRACKS HERE!


Her Last Flower


Her Last Flower

In the morning I went out to pick dandelions and was drawn to the Echinacea patch where I found a honeybee clinging to one of the pink flowers. She seemed in distress, confused and weak. She kept falling off the flower and then catching herself in midair and flying dizzily back. She kept trying to get back to work, to collect her pollen and nectar to take home to the hive to make honey but she was getting weaker and weaker and then she fell into my hand. I knew she would never make it back to her hive. For the next half hour she rested in my palm, her life slowly ebbing away as a thunderstorm started to brew. I sat on the earth waiting for death with her. The lightening flashed over the mountains, a family of turkeys slowly walked the ridge, a wild dog keyed into what was happening circled past us. The trees appeared startlingly vivid and conscious as the wind blew up and the thunder cracked and then her death was finished. She was gone forever. But in her going she taught me to take every moment as my last flower, do what I could and make something sweet of it.

What will we pass on?

For the past four years I have had health challenges which has given me the golden opportunity to examine everything about my life. Today I concentrate on the most important things that have come to me in my life and try to insure that they will go forward into the succeeding generations. 

I became a student of yoga in 1970 and was fortunate to study for many years with Swami Bua.  Through him I learned the pranayama practices that include the Bhramari or the buzzing bee breathing techniques.  I also completed the yoga teacher training under Baba Hari Dass where I was fortunate to learn different Bhramari practices.  In the mornings I received the instructions in these pranayamas and in the afternoons I would sit in the organic garden and practice with the bees.  These pranayamas are traditionally used to calm and soothe the mind, reduce anxiety and stress, rebalance the hormonal system and activate the heart chakra.  Specifically done before meditation, yoga or chi kung, they cut the busy stream of habitual thoughts allowing the mind to rest in silence and fully open to the energy practices of yoga and meditation. 

 In 2001, I met my chi kung master, Wei Lun Huang.  His teachings have more fully revealed the structure and actual experience of the flow of energy and consciousness through my mind and body.  He has totally illuminated all of my previous understandings of yoga.

These energy practices underlie everything that I have accomplished in my life and have everything to do with the effect my drumming has on the listener.  They are also the basis of the bee priestess tradition as I have been able to piece it together from yogic practices and the traces of the traditions from the ancient Mediterranean world.

I have spent years researching the ancient drumming and ritual practices of the bee priestesses:  the Melissaes (Greek for bee) and the Deborahs (Hebrew for bee).  As we witness the worldwide die off of the honeybees suddenly many esoteric scholars around the world are unearthing the mystical lineage of these practices.  We are working on a new website:  where this information will be available worldwide.  We all understand that many more people want to learn the practices but do not have the means to travel. 

I have been making music with the recordings of bees, Hymns From the Hive, and have had intimate experiences at sacred sanctuaries of hives including drumming with the bees and commencing bee sting therapy that greatly helped to boost my immune system and more importantly restore a sense of vigorous inspiration and energy to go forward with my life.  The high frequency sound of the bees has a mystical and transformative effect on the mind and body. 

We are incredibly inspired by all that is happening in connection with these traditions.  More women are becoming beekeepers than at any other time in recorded history, and many more men are being drawn in at this time also.  We hope that the new spiritually oriented beekeepers will help these precious pollinating honey bees and all of us to survive. 

As the old reality collapses we’ll buzz the new one in together.

Join us if you can for the July Frame Drum Intensive and Bee Priestess Retreat

July 11 - 15, The Ancient Tools of the Bee Priestess
with  Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes.

Location: The Barn At Valhalla, Chapel Hill, NC




April 21, Bee Priestess Practices, April 22, Ancient Frame Drum of the Melissaes, Asheville, NC, with Layne Redmond and Debra Roberts

April 21, 10 - 5 pm, Asheville, NC, $125

Technicians of the Sacred:  The Awakening of the Ancient Bee Priestesses In Contemporary Bee Sanctuaries  

Layne Redmond and Debra Roberts 


Slide lecture/rhythmic meditations and transmission of the humming bee practices (bhramari) 


Sunday,  April 22, 10 - 4:30


Intro to the Frame Drum with LAYNE REDMOND

Beginners - Intermediate


April 21, 10 - 5 pm

The Awakening of the Ancient Bee Priestesses In Contemporary Bee Sanctuaries  

Layne will lecture on the history of the sacred practices and images of the bee priestesses of the ancient Mediterranean world and Debra will speak to how they are awakening in our contemporary bee sanctuaries.    

We will tie the essence of these ancient practices into the qualities of consciousness awakened in women who are kept by their bees. The ancient wisdom is being awakened, enlivened and offered anew into our lives, a contemporary bee practice that is flowering the deep Feminine into the life of this world 

We will practice rhythmic meditations and learn the humming bee practices (bhramari pranayami). 

Sunday,  April 22, 10 - 4:30

Intro to the Frame Drum with LAYNE REDMOND

 Beginners - Intermediate, $79


 Learn a synthesis of frame-drumming techniques from India, the Middle East, & North Africa on tambourine, tar and sitting position style frame drums.

The frame drum is the world’s oldest drum and was played by the ancient priestesses of the Bee Goddesses:  Aprhodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone and Neith.  They were known as the Melissaes in Greek and the Deborahs in Hebrew.  Their rituals and rhythms were drawn from their interaction with their bee hives.

Suitable for beginning through intermediate drummers.

Appropriate frame drums provided.  Register: 828-505-0567


Sat. Bee Priestess $125

Sun. Ancient Drums $79

Both workshops: $189


Space limited to 20 participants


Read More

Why the Frame Drum Was at the Core of Ancient Mediterranean Spiritual Rites by Layne Redmond


The first sound we hear is the pulse of our mother’s blood. We vibrate to this primordial pulse even before we have ears to hear. All the eggs a woman will ever have form in her ovaries when she is a four-month-old fetus. This means that the sacred egg that developed into the person you are now, formed in your mother’s ovary when she was growing in the womb of her mother. Each of us, male and female, spent five months in the womb of our grandmother, rocking to the beat of her blood. And our mother spent five months rocking to the pulse of her grandmother’s blood, and her mother pulsed to the beat of her grandmother’s blood. Back through the pulse of all the mothers and all the grandmothers, through the beat of the blood that we all share, this sound returns us to the preconscious state, to the inner structure of the mind, to the power and the source of who and what we actually are: the pulsing unified field of all consciousness existing everywhere, within everything, beyond past, present, or future. The sound of the drum has represented this primordial pulse of creation since the beginning of human ritual.

It is an ancient thought that rhythmic sound is at the root of all creation, that the world is structured by sound, and that life is rhythm. In India the influence of rhythm and tuning on consciousness has been explored for thousands of years and is considered a form of yoga — Nada Yoga. The primary concept of nada yoga is that ultimate reality emanates from a primordial first sound, the pulse, which echoes the 20th century scientists’ concept of the Big Bang that creates the universe. The frequencies of this root vibration create our physical world. As human beings, we are also emanations of this vibration and subject to the laws of sound. This archetypal pulse of consciousness vibrates within us as the sound of our own heart beating. 

Every human being on the planet took form to the primal pulse and this sound has the power to draw us back to our earliest stirrings of awareness.  This is why drumming has been at the core of shamanistic, religious, and transformative rites since Paleolithic times. The power of rhythmic sound returns us to the pre-socialized, unconditioned, and balanced state of awareness we experienced in the womb.

Rhythmic sound generated by a master drummer can captivate and move the conscious mind out of the way. This enables the facilitator, the shaman, priest/priestess or healer to deliver healing, integrating messages directly to deeper, less conscious realms of the mind that influence behavior. When participants in the process are also moving, chanting, breathing, and/or drumming the therapeutic aspects of the experience are greatly magnified.

These kinds of spiritual and therapeutic rhythmic practices synchronize not only our minds and bodies, but also the two hemispheres of the brain. In a state of hemispheric synchronization, the capacities of both the left and the right brains function simultaneously. The mind becomes more concentrated, synthesizing information much more rapidly than normal. The conscious and unconscious levels of the mind communicate and integrate more easily. Emotions are easier to understand and transform. Insight quickens and creative intuition flourishes giving us the ability to visualize and manifest ideas quickly. Rhythmic breathing and movement encourages alpha waves to become dominant in the brain, allowing muscle tension to be reduced.  This predominance of alpha brain waves also creates the release of endorphins — potent brain chemicals that help us cope with pain and are part of the mechanism for dealing with and eliminating fear and anxiety. As stress fades, a more beneficial state of peaceful awareness can manifest. Scientists believe that hemispheric synchronization may be the neurological basis of transcendent states of consciousness and emotional feelings of spirituality.

These are some of the reasons that the frame drum was at the core of the ancient religious traditions and that women were so identified with this drum.  Symbols, like the lotus, that represent creation, birth, or the womb, were often painted on the frame drum or the drums were painted red — the color of blood, the color of life. The frame drum, represented in the hands of the goddess or her priestess, illustrated her power to create the universe with one stoke on her drum — with one big beat of her primordial heart — every thing vibrated into existence.